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One of the first things we buy on our photography journey is a flash (aka speedlite). Speedlites are a great tool to make sure our our photos don't come out looking dark or underexposed. Having one definitely comes in handy, especially since we can't always really on miss sunshine to be available 24/7.


But there's something more to speedlites than actually just pointing and shooting. Here is where light modifiers shine. Most of the time, the light that comes from our speedlites will look raw or unrefined when used directly to the subject. This results to outputs that either look harsh or look like a bomb just literally blew up in front of your model.

What light modifiers do is to "diffuse" the light coming from a light source by spreading it to make it softer and more flattering to the subject. So instead of looking like a bomb just blew up, your subject will look glowing with his most flattering of features. 

Since modifiers actually diffuse light to make it softer, light modifiers are also known as light diffusers. Most common light modifiers/diffusers include softboxes, umbrellas, and lambency diffusers. 

A photo studio utilizing a set of light modifiers


With the photo above, it might seem like light modifiers are only used by professionals. But the truth is, most photographers (hobbyists included) do use some form of light diffuser of their own. 

Take a look at this photo, for example. We can tell right away that some form of light is used, and said light is diffused. Otherwise, It wouldn't have looked just as pleasing. That being said, light modifiers are not just for "studio" or pro use only. They can be used anywhere - whether indoors or outdoors, whether you're a pro or just a newbie.


For most softboxes, light is diffused with the use of cloth diffusers that softens the crude light coming from the light source. You should also know that apart from speedlites, there are other light sources used by photographers such as strobes and modelling lamps. 

If you need something more portable, however, we recommend trying out the Triopo Flash Modifier Kit 

The Triopo Flash Modifier Kit comes with a series of accessories that modifies light differently depending on how you need them. Here are all the accessories included in the kit.

      * Lambency flash diffuser - greatly softens the light that comes from your speedlite to reduce shadows and avoid red eye. Reduces glare from your subject

      * Honeycomb flash diffuser - prevents light from spreading out to create a "spot light" effect, gradual transition of shadows

      * Color gel diffuser (yellow, blue, red, green) - used to change the color of light that passes through from your speedlite/flash.


We believe that photography is for everyone, and no matter the level of skills you currently have, you are free to explore any type of lighting you wish. Do you need one? Only you can answer that. But maybe it's the only thing missing to make taking pictures just a little bit more fun.