Flash Mod Bundle Discount

October 17, 2019 2 min read

For first time buyers of flash/speedlight, deciding on the right model to get can be a nightmare. The thing is, the light output of a flash can only be as good as how it's modified.

With our flash modifier bundle, you can choose from any of our models of speedlight flash available and get a ₱350 discount on our flash modifier kit.


The Flash Modifier Kit consists of various accessories that you can use to reshape and enhance the light from your flash. From changing the color of the light to changing how light spreads, this modifier kit will do it for you.


Speedlights available

TR-930 Universal Flash (₱2,200)

The most basic flash in our lineup. But don't be fooled, this speedlight has features that can be found only in high-end flashes such as slave modes and its LCD display. Purchase this flash with the flash modifier kit


TR-950II Flash w/ Trigger (₱2,900)

With a considerably stronger light output ,the TR-950II is a great flash to use off-camera. With the free Flash trigger/transmitter and built-in receiver, this is the perfect flash to explore your creativity on both outdoor or outdoor shoots. Purchase this flash with the flash modifier kit

TR-988II (₱4,300)

The TR-988II consists of TTL and HSS features. These are premium features that are commonly only included in high-end speedlites. The TTL function allows the flash to communicate with the camera to automatically adjust power output depending on available light. While the HSS feature helps in shooting under very bright situations outdoors. Purchase this flash with the flash modifier kit

F1-200 (₱12,500)

The F1-200 encapsulates the power of studio lights in a small package. With a power output of up to 200W and a lithium battery that can last up to 500 shots, this flash is the premium lighting equipment for any occasion.

Our Flash modifier kit is a great little accessory to explore and expand your creativity in using your flash/speedlight. With a regular price tag of Php 950, you can now get it for Php 350 less with every purchase of any of our speedlites mentioned above. Purchase this flash with the flash modifier kit