Background Stand for Photography Studio (2.6Mx3M)

Background Stand for Photography Studio (2.6Mx3M)

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On-site background stand for the hustling photographer

Projects outside your studio can be a struggle when certain equipment can't be brought due to portability issues. 


With this 2.6Mx3M background stand, you can now bring your backdrops even for on-site shoots. With its adjustable frame, you can fit up to 3M of backdrop or less. With its simple press-to-lock system, you can get set up in a short time. This gives you time to focus on other more important aspects of your project. 

Package Contents:
*Backdrop Support Stand with crossbars
*Carrying Case

*This background stand is suitable for light backdrops/backgrounds. If you need something that can carry heavier backdrops/backgrounds, we recommend checking our shop section for the Heavy Duty background Stand.