Adjustable Studio Light Stand for Speedlight, Strobe, Softbox

Adjustable Studio Light Stand for Speedlight, Strobe, Softbox


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**Please make sure you are ordering the right size of light stand for the job. Heavy-duty light stand includes the 8ft (240cm) and 9ft (2890cm). 6ft (190cm) and 5.5ft (160 cm) stands are for lightweight items only. 6.8ft (210cm) is perfect for general purpose use. Please be guided accordingly.


Who needs an assistant?

Having an assistant during photo shoots can make your life easier. But it's not every time that we can have one. 


This professional studio light stand is made with rigid aluminum to make sure it can handle the right weight of equipment. It may also come in handy when using multiple light set ups during photoshoots. 

Package Contents:
*Lightstand only (please select the right size for your needs)

*We recommend selecting taller light stands for more heavy duty use, and smaller ones for generic and lightweight use only. Please choose accordingly.