Outdoor/Indoor Ring light Geekoto 18" Dimmable LED Color Temperature Adjustable

Outdoor/Indoor Ring light Geekoto 18" Dimmable LED Color Temperature Adjustable

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The One Lighting Equipment for Photos, Videos, and More!

👉 Ultra-soft lighting with a pro touch - the easiest way to instantly 'step up' your videos whether makeup, vlogging, working from home, and more!

👉 Take better photos - the Geekoto Premium Ringlight can also be used for photoshoots, portraits, selfies, and more!

Adjust the brightness according
to your needs...

👉 Customize your lighting - unlike other ringlights in the market with a fixed light output. The Geekoto ringlight can be adjusted with the twist of a dial!

Adjustable Light Color

👉 Set the perfect vibe - From natural white to warm orange and anything in between. Adjust the light color with just the dial!

❌Unlike other cheap ringlights that use plastic filters 

👉 No hassle - plastic filters are just hard to use. Not with Geekoto ringlight! Simply twist the dial to adjust light color.

Ultra-portable Foldable Lightstand

👉 Everything fits inside the bag - the included lightstand is 40% smaller than the average lightstand. It fits easily inside the bag!

👉 Adjustable height levels - suit your needs with the easy-to-adjust lightstand

Mount your camera... or any smartphone!


👉 Comes with free phone mount, and ballhead - put your phone or camera right where you need it

Glam up in your photos or videos... Step up your social media game!

Geekoto Ringlight...
The One Ringlight to Rule Them All!!


 🚚Open for Cash-On-Delivery Nationwide!

No hassle of going to the bank.

💸Simply pay when your order arrive at your doorstep!

👉Order yours now!

LED Lamp Life - 30,000 hours
Number of LED lights - 576 pcs
Power range adjustment - 10% - 100%
Color temperature - 3300K - 5600K
Outer diameter: 46cm/18" Diameter

Package Contents:
*18" Ring light
*phone adapter
*mini ball head
*power adapter