INS Style Fashion Minimalist Background Backdrop Cloth Studio (2.5MX3M)

INS Style Fashion Minimalist Background Backdrop Cloth Studio (2.5MX3M)

Only the background cloth is included. The background stands are sold separately. Please check our catalogue if you wish to get background stands as well.

● Photography background mat suitable for clothes, food, desserts, cosmetic, jewelry, toy, gift and so on.
● The background cloth may be wrinkled, if you need to use a straight background cloth, you can iron it flat.

Product Description:
• Take photos that are in style and fashionable!

• This photography background is available in colors that really pops. Match with awesome outfits on portrait shots. Or you can even use it for "Instagram" style photography shoots!

• Made of polyester cotton fabric with special anti-reflective surface treatment. the light is more evenly refracted resulting in softer overall outputs

• The fabric is anti-reflective and can be hung directly on the wall or on background stands. It is a rare and easy-to-use photograph background.

1pc 2.5MX3M Background Cloth