Portrait Lighting Kit (Softbox, Flash, Trigger, Lightstand)

Portrait Lighting Kit (Softbox, Flash, Trigger, Lightstand)


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This is everything you need for a photoshoot...

Shoot like a pro with our Portrait Lighting Kit!

✅Camera Flash with built-in Receiver  and Trigger
✅Octagonal softbox to diffuse light and make it ultra-soft
✅Lightstand to hold things in place

Flash included for the portrait lighting kit:
✔ MANUAL PORTRAIT LIGHTING KIT - TR-950ii w/ built-in receiver and manual Flash Trigger
✔ TTL/HSS PORTRAIT LIGHTING KIT - TR-982III w/ built-in receiver and Triopo G1 Trigger

Yes, just one light to take great portraits!

👉 Set the softbox at 45° right above the subject's head
👉 Experiment with exposure settings!
The output from our shoot with the same gear

👉 Mastering one-light setup is probably one of the most essential skills a photographer should have
👉 It's super simple and versatile for any type of shoot!
Set up in less than a minute

👉Unlike traditional softboxes, this new revolutionary design makes it super easy to set-up.
No more taking ⏳ hours just to begin your photoshoot!

👉The included flash can be used on the camera or even off the camera - Your choice!
👉 Perfect for any type of photography whether portraits, products, food, or commercial shoots!
Take your photos to the next level!

📸This photo was taken with the same set-up. And it only took us less than 5 minutes from set-up to the final photo!
Did we mention it's also very light and portable?
😍 How awesome is that?

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No hassle of going to the bank.

💸Simply pay when your order arrive at your doorstep!
Available in varying 📏sizes of Lightstand and Softbox
👉Choose your Kit now!