TRIOPO Flash Light Modifier Accessories Kit w/ Magnetic Mount Adapter + Diffuser Ball + Color Gel Filters

TRIOPO Flash Light Modifier Accessories Kit w/ Magnetic Mount Adapter + Diffuser Ball + Color Gel Filters

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The compact flash modifier with epic capabilities


👉Comes with various accessories that refines light from speedlite/flash

Diffuses light for better, softer final image

👉 Softens harsh light from bare flash - create light that highlights your subject's best features. 

👉 Transforms flat light - from boring to superb in an instant!

Snaps easily with magnets

👉 Equipped with strong magnets - attach or disattach any of the accessory easily

Unleash your creativity

👉Bring color and fun into taking photos - have fun experimenting with your photography

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**Speedlite/flash and lightstand sold separately

Lambency flash diffuser - greatly softens the light that comes from your speedlite to reduce shadows and avoid red eye. Reduces glare from your subject

Honeycomb flash diffuser - prevents light from spreading out to create a "spot light" effect, gradual transition of shadows

Color gel diffuser (yellow, blue, red, green) - used to change the color of light that passes through from your speedlite/flash.

Combine accessories to get unique lighting effects!

👉You can even combine these accessories to create your own effect (e.g. honeycomb + color gel diffuser, lambency flash diffuser + color gel, etc.)

👉 Everything is so easy because of the magnetic attachment that holds the flash modifier kit together!

👉 The flash holder has an adjustable clamp that fits all speedlite/flash in the market!

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Package Contents:
*Lambency Flash Diffuser
*Honeycomb Flash diffuser
*Color gel diffuser (yellow, blue, red, green)
*Flash holder